Google Play Store Lowering Ranks Apps with Issues

Have you ever download an app that doesn’t work properly? It feels frustrating to know you’ve wasted your time on a bad app. You wonder why the app in question has great rankings. Google made a recent update in regards to the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store is the main competition for the juggernaut App Store created by Apple. In this post, you will learn the major change Google is making to stop buggy apps from filling up our phone.

Google will now begin lower rankings of apps that don’t perform well. News of this major store change comes in the wake of a shocking discovery by Google. This company recently began gathering content surrounding one-star reviews. In the Google Play Store, a one-star review is the lowest review an app can have. Google’s findings report that about half of the one-star reviews were due to an app crashing entirely.

What Google realized was that a majority of negative reviews wasn’t doing much to change how an app was ranked in the Play Store. App creators must now face new quality guidelines to ensure their creations remain ranked well. Google isn’t releasing specifics about how many crashes occur for a rankings drop. An app can lose rankings from causing crashes, excessive battery drain, and other annoyances. Google did report that algorithm changes are already starting for a small group of apps.

A massive amount of people use the Google Play Store. Android devices feature the Google Play Store as the primary application manager. There are over a million apps across a wide range of categories. It appears that this algorithm update will take a short amount of time to completely roll out. TechCrunch published a recent article suggesting the full update will happen within the next week.

In closing, Google made a recent announcement that aims to lower the rankings of apps that don’t perform well. Google has stated that crashes and battery drain are factors for losing rankings. Google is still testing the results of this change for a small group of apps. Larger scale changes look to go into effect within the next week. Google hopes these changes will give users a better experience while using the Play Store. It’s definitely recommended that buggy apps make changes fast. Users of the Google Play Store should expect to see huge changes made in the next seven days.

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Dil Bole Oberoi