Twitter Tests New App for Slow Data Countries

There are many countries around the world that do not have dependable Internet. In fact, LTE services in a variety of countries cost a lot of money and are very hard to find. Therefore, Twitter is taking steps to make their service easier for people in these countries to use on a regular basis. The social media company has announced that they will be testing an app called Twitter Lite that will be lighter and easier for inferior networks to handle. The app will be available for Android devices. The launch will be limited to the Philippines. This is because this particular country has phone networks that are slower than other more modern countries. Many people also have phones that do not have much data storage space. This lighter Twitter app takes up much less space than the traditional app.

One of the most exciting things about this new Twitter Lite app is the fact that it features a data saver option. This allows the user to turn off videos and displays that can waste bandwidth unless he or she wants to see them. This is sure to be a popular feature among people who want to conserve as much of their bandwidth as possible without wasting it. The entire Twitter app will only take up 3MB on a mobile device.

Twitter has made it clear that the launch of this lighter Twitter app in the Philippines is simply a test. They want to see what people think of it. They will analyze all of the feedback they receive from people in the Philippines. Then they will determine if any adjustments need to be made. Finally, a decision will be made about launching the app in other countries. However, it is probable that Twitter Lite will eventually be available in many other countries.

One of the reasons why Twitter Lite is so important for the company is because they have not been adding many new users in recent months. One of the common problems is that people in countries like the Philippines simply do not have a data plan or enough space on their phone to allow them to use the regular Twitter app. There are other countries where people living in rural communities have a hard time accessing the Internet. India is one of those countries. India and its one billion citizens are a big target for Twitter in their effort to grow.

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Dil Bole Oberoi