Publix Names A New App Development And Omnichannel VP

Publix now has a new VP in charge of omnichannel operations and application development. His name is Erik Katenkamp. He will now be managing their omnichannel and app development operations.

Erik has been a valued member of Publix for quite awhile. He was even responsible for designing and launching their online shopping website. He also manages the company’s partnership with Instacart to carry out their omnichannel shopping solutions.

Erik has a pretty high-tech background as he used to work in the aerospace industry. He was recruited by Publix in 1995 since they needed his engineering experience. By 1999, he changed positions to be the IT manager for the company. He later became a director in 2006. He had also been the VP of IT in 2013.

President Todd Jones of Publix wants to focus a dedicated amount of resources in order to grow their omnichannel program. Combining their store with their online shop is now a trendy thing to do in retail business.

What is Omnichannel?
Omnichannel is a new buzzword that is now being kicked around in the retail business. It is considered to be an all-in-one retail package that includes purchase channels and support via social media, websites and in-person retail locations. This gives large businesses control to propagate sales and contact channels to provide seamless costumer support. It also allows for the merger of the online experience and the brick & mortar store.

Publix is one of the few large retail venders that is utilizing this concept. If you notice they way they handle social media or their website, it is now very immersive and being constantly updated.

About Publix
Publix is one of the largest grocery chains in the United States and especially has a presence in Southern states. It has been operating since the 1930s and there are now over 1,100 stores across the country. They also manufacture many of their own food products.


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