Microsoft Launches a $399 Virtual Reality Set that Plays Minecraft

Microsoft announced their venture into the virtual reality world with their $399 Virtual reality bundle. The VR equipment uses headsets and handset controllers made by their affiliates including HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Acer. The mixed reality set, as Microsoft calls it, has been competitively priced to rival gadgets like the Oculus Rift goggle from Facebook. The Oculus was valued at $700 upon launch. However, after a lukewarm reception by customers, its price has dropped to $400.

Currently, the virtual reality gear has been embraced only by the die-hard gaming fans. Most people are yet to acquire a taste for the clunky and tethered headsets that come with such gear. As a result, stakeholders in the VR industry have been forced to slash the prices to make sales

However, Microsoft is seeking to change this reality. The newly released Mixed Reality bundle contains a travel oriented Holo Tour which delivers virtual tours to destinations such a Machu Picchu in Peru. It also provides fans with a variety of games such as Minecraft, Luna, Space Pirate Trainer, and Fantastic Contraption. The gadget connects to the computer and is also anticipated to allow compatibility with SteamVR content.

Microsoft hopes that the widespread use of its Windows operating system will promote the sale of its mixed reality gear. However, they have done more than that to draw in new customers. For instance, they’ve made the gadget incredibly easy to set up. It will also be compatible with regular computers. The company will offer holiday shoppers with Microsoft PCs and Laptop for a base price of $499. The low-priced PCs will feature integrated graphics as well as an ability to process images at 60 frames per second. Such astounding perks will hopefully bring more people onboard the Mixed Reality Platform.

The head of communications for Microsoft Windows and Devices unit, Greg Sullivan, believes that the Mixed Reality gear is the future of computing. He hopes that people will share in his belief by adopting the VR gear. USA Today attended a demo late last week, and they got a chance to capture Greg Sullivan views on the new tech.

When you look into the Windows Mixed Reality headset, you are taken to a cartoon-like house setting called Cliff House. From here, you can navigate from room to room to access a variety of features such as Skype video calls and a Minecraft portal.

Even though the tethered gear space doesn’t seem to be a lucrative foray for tech companies, Microsoft leaps into the future by launching its Mixed Reality Gear.


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Dil Bole Oberoi