Nintendo Switch Sees Wave of Optimism in Wake of Announcements

Nintendo is a gaming juggernaut who has been revolutionizing the way gamers approach their free time for literal generations. From the NES to the Nintendo Wii, gamers have been on the edge of their seat to see the latest innovation that the company has to offer. The Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s mobile/stationary console, is probably the most inventive piece of equipment that the team has ever designed but despite this fact it has gotten off to a slow start. If you have been thinking about sitting tight for awhile you might want to get involved sooner than later, optimism for the Switch is here thanks to new stock news, the Virtual Boy 2, and Final Fantasy 15.

The Nintendo Switch has just been on the market for half of a year but there are many different reasons to start getting excited and engaged with the console. Over 4.7 million units have been sold around the world between March 3rd and the last days of June and the next analysis of sales should inflate those numbers even more. In fact, the biggest problem with the Switch, despite its lack of mainstream discussion, has been the fact that gamers aren’t able to guarantee that they get their hands on one. Fortunately the team at Nintendo will be focusing on an increased production push for the holiday season with the goal of having sold nearly 15 million consoles in the first year of its production.

Among the news for the Nintendo Switch is discussion about a potential Virtual Boy 2 release. Virtual Boy is a virtual reality Nintendo console from ages ago and fans want to be able to utilize it with their Nintendo Switch. As VR becomes the norm with the other consoles Nintendo faces the risk of being left behind — a place they haven’t typically found themselves over the years. However, there are reasons that the Virtual Boy 2 might not ever appear and chief among them is the pricing of VR. Nintendo likes to lead from the front and typically they can’t do that unless what they are developing is solidified and ready to go. Nintendo rarely rushes out a project so don’t expect the Virtual Boy 2 any time soon.

Finally the Nintendo Switch saw an announcement that could get fans from all consoles excited: the release of FFXV. Hajime Tabata, the producer of FFXV, went on record at Gamescom to hint that the game could be coming to the Nintendo Switch sooner than later.

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Dil Bole Oberoi