Customers Can Now Pre-Order Apps

Apple has released a new feature that will be useful for its customers. People will now be able to pre-order apps three months before they are released. After the app is ready, it will be delivered to the Apple device. This feature will be available on macOS, IOS and tvOS devices.

People can pre-order both paid and free apps. If the price happens to change before the app is released, then the customer will be charged the lower price. For example, if the price is $0.99, and it increases to $1.99 before the release date, then you will be charged $0.99. You will not be charged for the app until it is released. This feature will not be useful for every app. However, there are a lot of apps that get announced long before they are released.

This feature also benefits developers. If a developer is trying to draw attention to a new app, then it would greatly benefit them to announce it in advance. It also helps people who may forget about the official release date. People will automatically get the app on the date that it is released.

Google has a similar feature. Google users can pre-register an app. It will send people a notification when the app is ready to download. However, people will not be able to download the app before it is released. Pre-registering will also not lock in the price of the app. If the price is increased before the app is released, then users will still have to pay the higher price.

This is still a great feature for both shoppers and developers. Many people are amazed that it took Apple such a long time to develop such an app. It is a basic feature. Developers can still edit the app before it is released.

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Dil Bole Oberoi