Facebook Is Focusing on Mobile Gaming

Facebook does not seem to be content with being the world’s most popular social media platform. They want to expand their reach into other areas. Mobile gaming is an enormous industry. Google and Apple have been much more significant companies in terms of mobile gaming than Facebook has up until now. However, Facebook wants to change all of that. Last year, Facebook introduced a platform called Instant Games. Now they are finally going to improve it by adding a pair of brand new features. Video chat and live streaming will be made available to users. This has excited many people who have thought that the platform has needed an upgrade for a very long time.

Games are able to be played inside of the news feed or the Facebook messenger when you are using Instant Games. There is no need for the user to download the game. Facebook Live can be used to play games when you decide to use the live-streaming feature. Users are now able to broadcast the games they are playing so that their friends can watch by visiting their profile. Video chat will allow people to have conversations with other users while a game is in progress. 72 games are available on the Instant Games platform.

Facebook is hoping that both of these improvements will put them in a better position to go up against Apple and Google in the lucrative mobile gaming industry. Facebook also hopes that playing games will make users want to stay on the site for a longer period of time. The ability to contact their friends will encourage these people to engage their friends in their various gaming activities. One of the biggest advantages is that people who use Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS will be able to easily use Instant Games if they have a Facebook account. However, mobile gaming apps made for iOS cannot be used on Android devices and vice versa.

One of the biggest reasons that Instant Games has not grown as fast as Facebook has wanted has been the lack of games. People want to have a huge selection of games to choose from. Google and Apple have large libraries of games that fall into many categories. Facebook has announced that it will help game developers to make money if they choose to put their games on the Instant Games platform. We will have to wait and see if this strategy works.

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Dil Bole Oberoi