Top Ten Interesting Facts About Water

Interesting Facts About Water :

Being important for humans for their metabolism, water is an essential part of life. In spite of, water’s biological importance and its usage in physiological processes, there are many other interesting facts about water. Some of these facts will tell us that we should be careful about water, about its purity and about its wastage. Anyhow, here we are, providing you with ten interesting facts about water.

Let’s Discuss the Top 10 Facts about Water

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10: Glaciers

A great quantity of water is in the form of glaciers. Actually the exact value is about 68.7% of water of the Earth. Well, it’s a huge quantity, that’s why we all are taught about the fact of global warming because we are causing the temperature to rise each year and this will cause melting of these glaciers causing great floods. etc


9: Food

Water is required not only in respiration process so that we can breakdown substances causing the stored energy to be released but also in photosynthesis.Plants which are known as energy capturing entities also require water as an essential reactant to create carbohydrates. And its one of the interesting facts of water that 6800 gallons of water are required to grow food for a family of four.


8: Brain

Brain, we can regard this as the most important part of our body which controls everything, provides us with decision making power and also help us in many problems we face on a daily basis with so much efficiency we can’t even imagine. However,in the interesting facts of water it is also included that approx.70 % of our brain is water.


7: Exhale

Whenever we exhale, there isn’t only gases which we exhale. Actually there is a considerable amount of water also included in it. Each day, we also lose a little more than a cup of water (237 ml) when we exhale it.



In spite of many interesting facts about water, water is also a killer these days. Polluted water or unsafe water is killing so many people. The numerical figures are going to leave us shocked. Approx 3.4 million people die each year as a result of drinking polluted water.


5: Children

Well, we are including this in our list of interesting facts about water that children are also being killed by water or you can say unsafe water. According to calculations approx.  200 children die due to unsafe water drinking.


4: Water Consumption

Humans don’t consume the same amount of water on the average in different periods of their lives or different ages.Childrens are supposed to consume much more water than the adults. Children in the first 6 months of life consume seven times as much water per pound as the average American adult.

water consumption


3: Water Scarcity

One day or another, water scarcity is going to be the greatest problem for the whole population. In 2016, approx 36 states are going to face water scarcity and in 2025 two third of the whole population is going to face water shortage according to the United Nations.

water scarcity

2: Vector

Vector is anything that is being a way to cause the spreading of a disease or the causative agent of the disease. Placed second in the top interesting facts about water is the fact that water is the cause of spreading or production of 80% of all the diseases.


1: Bottled water

Placed 1st in our list of top¬†interesting facts about water, is the thing that bottled water is causing us to have lots of unfair use of money. Wouldn’t it be fair to provide water to everyone in need instead of spending that money to bottled money of only 1/3 of what the world spends on buying these water bottles?

bottled water

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