Top Ten Best Laptop Brands in the World

Best Laptop Brands:

Here is the list of top ten best laptop brands which you can choose according to your taste and buy the most suitable one for yourself. Please Check out !

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1: Apple


The best laptop company on the first ranking is not another but the APPLE MAC Company, which provides you with the most suitable, reliable and the most efficient working machines. Apple is the best laptop creator brand and is in top rank with respect to its performance, technical support and Excellent Reviews. Also standing first from the past 6 years.



Now comes to DELL, an American multinational computer company and the second most popular brand. It conquers over all the other brands owing to its value, selection and innovation. The company scored well having great reviews from its long-term users. No body can deny the importance of Dell Company. Highly recommended.


3: Hewlett-Packard



HP (Hewlett-Packard) was the super-most idle machine of good old times but now made its place in the 3rd ranking in best laptop brands. New vision, new leaderships and new products are coming into being day by day. Other than being a famous laptop brand it has took part in creating various sorts of other hardware components and providing ease to this Global World of today.




ASUS, The powerful extra-reliable computer technology. The ASUS makes it place at fourth ranking in the top ten best laptop brands. There is a lot of experimentation and joint ventures in this brand which makes it interesting to search and explore. People having low financial support in their business can go for it.

5: Lenovo


People must know about LENOVO , highly professional Chinese computer technology. The company is best known for its 2005 acquisition of IBM’s Think Pad and ThinkCentre line of computers. They are little behind the highest ebb but remain rock solid performers for general usage. Despite its low ranking it still offers highly qualified Notebooks but can’t say it’s best

6: Acer


Acer, not best but have a mediocre rank over all due to some errors in motherboard and other miserable hardware issues. Despite its low position in best laptop brands Asus is offering the best comfortable products like tablets, computers, tablets and mobile phones. Acer’s recent innovations have been mostly subtle but still include some significant steps forward.

7: Sony


Sony is an older brand but we can’t say its best. Sony is producing plenty of electronic equipment besides the laptop machines but they are rarely common in people. Sony is offering persistence , reliability and super high technology but not of a good rank. It tends to attracts the buyers with its amazing cell phones and televisions but is behind if we talk about the laptops.

8: Samsung


Samsung doesn’t inspire us more as we have brands in the top rankings but it is not a brand you should ignore either. It hasn’t high-standing mark up by the users. If we have a glance over the efforts that the company is trying to make will sure be fruitful in future. Fine tune in technology support and best quality constructions are its extra-ordinary qualities.

9: Toshiba


Toshiba finishes its place on number ninth in top ten best laptop brands. Toshiba hasn’t tickle us in the past year. Toshiba laptops got the worst reviews of all the brands we evaluated, but it has a worthwhile end. Its Varied items and services are its one of the most convincing selling points of the brand. In short not recommended to others.10: MSI

10: MSI

MSI ( Micro star International) ends up on tenth. So behind and needs high efforts to reach the top position. MSI has the worst and rough reviews reports. If we talk about its significance it can be used as a gaming machine because of its good display and sound quality. But again it is recommended that company makes progress to make their brand better and then even better.

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Dil Bole Oberoi