Top 10 Most Common Languages in the World

Language is perhaps the major fact that is recognition of a country and it natives. Language allows us many hours of entertainment through literature, short stories , radio and music. Every language has its own significant importance that is spoken bu its natives. Language is only one single factor that allows you to judge the person from where he is.

What are 10 most common languages in the world ? Let us have a glance to see over the languages that are listed according to the native speakers.

10 : French :

Being Spoken by 129 million people.

French language is the most attractive and romantic language that is spoken bu the native people and the people from all over the countries including Belgium, Canada and Cameroon. French is so popular in people that nobody can deny its importance. French language lies in top rank languages that are being spoken in European States and is a good idea for professions and business. So French lies on at tenth place in our 10 most common languages in the World.

french language

9: Portuguese :

Being Spoken by 181 million people.

It is mainly spoken by the natives of Brazil. Portuguese is spoken by many other countries like Angola , Mozambique and especially Portugal. In the 12th century, Portugal won the war of independence and got freedom with the great part of its famous explorers Prince Henry. He was a navigator and become a florist later on. It is one of the most common languages in the world.

portugues langauge

8: Malay-Indonesian :

Being spoken by 192 million people.

Malay-Indonesian as the name suggests that  it is spoken by the natives of Malaysia and Indonesia. It is the common language for these two countries. Indonesia being a charming country affords 13,200 islands and is called to be sixth most city with high-population that’s why it is the language most common among the people.


7:Bengali :

Being spoken by 198 million people.

The natives of Bangladesh usually speak this language. Bengali language has its own charm to speak. Bangladesh as by area is also in touch with India (the most populated country in the world) and this language is spreading like hot cakes. In the future the Bengali speakers are growing at faster rate.

Bengali language

6: Arabic :

Being spoken by 252 million people.

Arabic, is one of the 10 most common languages in the world that is born approximately 14000 years ago from now. It is wholly spoken by the natives of Saudi Arabia , Kuwait , Iraq Syria , Egypt and Sham. Millions of Muslims are present all over the world that are very well known to this language. Muslims believe in the last Holy Book that is announced by Allah , The Holy Quran is written in this language and people recite it daily.

arabic language

5: Russian :

Being spoken by 255 million people.

Russian is the fifth most spoken language which is called to be the official language of United Nations. Russian is not only spoken the by habitants of its own country but also by various other countries like Belarus, Kazakhstan and United states. Russian is not the language we should ignore either.

Russian language

4: Spanish :

Being spoken by 385 million people

In America as well as in 4/5th of Europe makes Spanish the most common language with 385 million speakers. People of United states have a great interest in this language. Spanish language is the combination of many other languages like that we say it consists of many English words in it that makes it a surprising language.

spanish language

3: Hindi-Urdu

Being spoken by 497 million.

Hindi and Urdu are spoken alike but are written in different forms.They are related to each other in various ways. Mostly the people of India and Pakistan are the owners of this language. Urdu was previously called as ” Lashkari Zuban” and later was changed into a most suitable language. The natives of India as the universe says that it they’ll surpass the other densely populated ares of the world, the language then become the most popular in the most common languages in the world spoken so far.

hindi-urdu language

2: English :

Being spoken by 692 million people.

English used to be the second most common language. Scholars use this language to write stories, letters and novels and publish them for the people of great interest. This language is called to be ” INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE ” of the world because the speakers of English are rapidly increasing day by day mainly by The Spanish. The importance of English cant be expressed in few lines so its better to see the language in high rank.

English language

1: Mandarin

Being Spoken by 990 million + people.

So this is the most common language of the world people are waiting for. Mandarin claims to be at the top of most common languages in the world till now. Mandarin is one of the five major dialects of Chinese & official language of China , Taiwan and Singapore. As we said that Mandarin is the common language but don’t forget that it is not so easy to understand as well. Speaking this language is really tough.

Mandarin langugae

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