Top 10 Dog Breeds in the World 2016

In 2011, the American Kennel club published a list of dogs which were most popular in 2011.This list included 157 dog breeds but we are narrowing it to top ten dog breeds list. So here is the countdown :

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10: Poodle

Poodle is a dog breed considered fairly intelligent which also appears graceful. It also has a place in the list of the most trainable dog breeds. Poodle are, however, very pleasant, cherish and sensitive, fragile also. Poodles can be a pet for those owners who suffer allergic reactions as their fur is hypoallergenic.


9: Dachshund

Requiring a fairly strong relationship with the owner, Dachshud comes to our 9th ranking among top dog breeds. It is an affectionate, bold and lively dog breed. Dachshunds are known to come in three varieties:
1: the short-haired 2: the wired-haired 3: the log-haired.

This dog breed can be seen in a wide range of colors including : black, red, chocolate, tan or fawn, cream and blue-gray. Moreover, this dog breed can also be “Bi-Colored.”


8: Rottweiler

Commonly used in search and rescue these days, Rottweiler dog breed gets our 8th rank because of its sharp skills. This dog breed is also one of the oldest-known herding dogs breed.

“The Rottweiler is basically a calm, confident and courageous dog with a self-assured aloofness, responding quietly and with a wait-and-see attitude to influences in its environment” – said by the American Kennel Club.


7: Boxer

Having a bit distinctive square head, the Boxer dog breed comes to 7th ranking in our “top ten dog breeds ” list. The boxer dog is muscular and short-coated breed.This dog breed comes with a great combination of having a playful spirit, being gentle and having strong body. The name ” Boxer ” is given to this dog breed because boxers are likely to paw at things. They also like to jump up and move their paws, making them look as they are boxing.


6: Bulldog

Because of being very dependable and highly affectionate, Bulldogs are placed 6th in our top ten dog breeds list. Bull dogs are small and stocky in stature with a wide massive head, which sometimes makes them to look a bit intimidating.Bull dogs are also know for their excellent guarding abilities. Dealing with this breed strong leadership and attention is required.


5: Yorkshire Terrier

Having a charming beauty, energetic attitude and being extremely loyal gave Yorkshire Terrier a 5th ranking in our Top ten dog breeds countdown.Yorkshire Terrier breed is known for its long, smooth and silky coat that falls straight down on either side. Yorkshire have a color combination of steal blue and tan. Even though Yorkshire has long hair, they shed very little.


4: Beagle

The Beagle is known for its status as one of the man’s best friends. Beagle are placed four among many dog breeds in our list because of their droopy eared looks, their loyalty and their ability of being a great pet for families with children. They have their extraordinary hunting noses which can cause trouble sometimes because beagle is naturally curious.


3: Golden Retriever

With their ever-present smiles, wavy blonde fur, and joyful prance, the golden retriever has long been one of our favorite dogs.That’s why we have placed this breed at our 3rd rank. Golden Retriever has eagerness to retrieve in water and is popular with hunters. Golden retriever loves to fetch, just as its name shows.


2: German Shepherd

Being courageous and highly intelligent, German Shepherd are placed 2nd among the top ten of all the dog breeds.These dogs are obedient, very cheerful and very eager to learn. German Shepherds are known for their preference to be close to their family and have very strong protective instincts. German Shepherd are usually good with other pets and excellent with children. Owners are recommended to train German Shepherd from an early age.


1: Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever continues to the most popular among all the dog breeds in the U.S. Labs are considered to be the most intelligent dogs having an amazing curiosity to learn things. Labs are highly friendly and have won hearts of millions of families.

The Labrador retriever originated in Newfoundland, where it helped fisherman. After being crossed with setters, spaniels and other retrievers, the Lab sharpened its skills as a true retriever. But Labs have actually gone popular because of their kind, outgoing nature.

Kids will also get attached with labrador retrievers because of their easy nature and trainability.


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