Top 10 Countries With Most Internet Users

The number of internet users are obviously directly proportional to the population of the country. The literacy rate of that country and the business or industrial level also somehow effect this thing. Many other factors do have a little contribution in this term. Anyhow, the total estimated population of the world is 7,260,621,118 and the internet users are  3,270,490,584. These values are of June 2015 . The list of countries with most people using internet :

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10: United Kingdom


United Kingdom is numbered 10th in this race. The overall population of United Kingdom was 64,767,115 and the internet users included in them were 59,333,154 in June 2015.

 9: Germany


Having a bit higher number of people which use internet than the United Kingdom, here comes Germany placed 9th. Germany in the month of June 2015 had a population of 81,174,000 and the internet users included in them were 71,727,551.

8: Indonesia


Having more internet using population than Germany, Indonesia an Asian country is placed 8th. In June, 2015 the population of Indonesia was 255,993,674 and the number of internet users Indonesia had were 73,000,000.

7: Nigeria


Nigeria has a bit more interenet users than Indonesia. Nigeria had population of 181,562,056 people and the number of people which were using internet in June 2015 were 92,699,924.

6: Russia


Internet is all the way in Russia, Russia is also placed in the countries with most internet users. Russian population in 2015 is 146,267,288 and internet users in Russia in June 2015 were 103,147,691.

5: Japan


Japanese also love internet facilities as the Russians do. Japan has got 5th place here. The estimated population of japan in 2015 is 126,919,659 and people using internet in June were 114,963,827.

4: Brazil


Here lies the competition between Japan and Brazil because there isn’t any wide difference between Brazil and Japan. However, a difference is a difference even if it’s minor. Anyhow, Brazilian population in 2015 is 204,259,812 and it’s placed 4th here in the list of countries with most internet users with the number of 117,653,652.

3: United States


And here comes the United States of America. America is having 280,742,532 internet users while having population of 321,362,789.

2: India


As we have discussed Population will always effect the number of internet users and these two countries on the top are a clear cut example. India is placed second with second highest number of people using internet which was 354,000,000 in June 2015 while the population of India now is 1,251,695,584.

1: China



The wait is over! China is the country with the most internet users in the world due to the fact that china has the highest population number these days. China’s population in 2015 is 1,361,512,535 while the number of internet users is 674,000,000.

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