Top 10 Endangered Elephants Facts

Elephants are the endangered species of today. Since now their amount has been decreases to a larger extent. They are fascinating creatures with humorous habits. Elephants are so huge in size as well as a huge mind power. Elephants have social behavior with other members. The show wisdom and altruism which make them the most active animals of wild life.

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Let us talk about Ten crazy facts about Elephants, their life histories and their way of livings. You become crazy that how these animals performs many ridiculous movements and tricks.

top 10 endangered facts about elephants

10 : Distinct species :

Elephants are the only one that are left as three distinct species in the world according to our observations about ten crazy facts about elephants. African and Asian elephant are called to be distinct, elephants are now recorded in the queue of endangered species that have a theft to be extinct in future. How they are different ? Actually Asian elephants have smaller body and tusk than African elephants which have larger ears and body.We should go ahead to take steps to save these endangered species.

9: Elephants Don’t Sleep more :

Since every animal requires energy and food to live through his life. Some animals compensate the energy loss by eating food or by a little sleep.Elephants are called to be the most active animal in wild animals. They just require a little sleep of four hours/night. The spend most of their time in standing straight on their legs that is really an up-hill task for humans.

8: Emotional Behavior :

Elephant are the animals that have some kind of emotional sensibility in them. Elephants are most likely to be dead due to some injury or some sort of disease. Elephants have a life span of 60 years in case they didn’t fall for any disease. They are scared of small creatures like wasps, bees and ants. These reveals the fact that how gentle they are. Elephants, when see an animal dying, they become sad and silent and mourn for the animal and even cover them with grass sometimes.

7: Elephants love water :

It is also one of the ten craziest facts about elephants that they love to drink water, to swim in water and to play with water. Elephants have a long trunk with them that;s really beneficial for them in many cases. Such as elephants use their trunk to wash their bodies and get rid of the dangerous parasites and bacteria that are attached with their bodies. In this way they prevent others from approaching towards them.

6: Giant Size and Weight :

Elephants suffer from a gestation period of 22 months that is long enough to compare with other animal. A new born elephant weighs 250-270 pounds. The baby elephant is intelligent enough that he knows how to stand on hid foot just after some days of his birth. The largest known elephant belongs to Angola and weighed about 24k Pounds.

5: Reproduction :

Elephants are homo-sexual animals. They mate during the whole year but female elephant cow is only fertile for a few days that desires for a physical mating at that time to produce further off springs. They respond to the gestures and some moves exhibited by male elephants and then start mating that generates a nee baby elephant with a weight more than 100 pounds. Elephants are alike humans in many ways that they used to such their trunk as human babies sucks their thumb in early ages.

4: Intelligence and Wisdom :

Our brain is the central controlling system of our body that controls our all movements and metabolism. Elephant’s brain is about 5 kilograms in weight. The crazy fact about them is that they are the most intelligent of all animals living on land. They are gentle and playful as humans love to ride them. They have a developed hipo-campus which is responsible for their primitive emotions and long term memories.

3: Communication :

As we have discussed above that elephants are filled with wisdom. their way of communicating is quite fascinating. The have highly functional brain that allows them to understand the things easily that they learn from their environment or by the owner who governs and makes them to learn new tricks. They rub their bodies ans use their trunk to express their feelings with others. They become happy when they meet their family members living farther from them.

2: Benefits of their trunk :

Fusion of their nose and upper lip causes to form a long trunk that is said to be the most useful body part of an elephant’s body. They use their trunk to have a shower , pick up the blades of grass and are strong enough to separate the boughs of trees. Elephants are learned from birth as they uses their trunk to draw an amazing artwork on a paper. They work together and always have a strong unity where they are living (Zoos etc). They use to wash their bodies to get rid of the mud and other sloughed skin cells.

1: Infrasonic Sounds :

Infrasonic sonic sounds have greater wavelength than visible sounds having frequency of  >20000 hertz. They emit sounds of very low frequency (15 hz) that are not hearable by humans. These infrasonic voices are the special tool for elephants to communicate secretly, because the sounds travel long distances. Out of Ten crazy facts bout elephants one is the emission of infrasonic sounds mostly at the time of dawn and dusk.

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