Cloud-Based Apps Become a Reality with Google Play’s Instant Apps

Instant Apps is about to become a lot more common according to representatives at Google’s Playtime event. Just earlier today Google explained how it plans to make Play Store apps more secure, easier to discover, and faster to use,

Launched at I/O in May, Play’s Instant Apps was once just an idea to help improve the overall experience, but we’re beginning to see how it may be potentially essential to Google fans. The Instant Apps function will give users the ability to use apps without actually downloading them. Yeah, you read that right. Instant Apps SDK 1.1 was released just last week. Developers can enjoy a smoother experience with this SDK, making it easy to utilize.

Instant Apps will be implemented with Play with a “Try it now” button. Instant App will become your new companion when browsing the Play Store, letting you try out that new game or productivity app without taking up permanent phone storage. This is the full experience, not a demo or advertisement. The magic comes from Google’s cloud servers brought straight to your phone.

The end goal is for users to have the choice to permanently install an app or keep it as an Instant App library addition. How a user manages their Play Store collection will ultimately be up to them. For now, the “Try it now” button is all that’s available.

Google is also offering rewards to developers who can find bugs with this new feature, or bugs related to Google products in general. This reward can reach up to $1,000 for every vulnerability that gets fixed. New tools and beta testing features will be available to Android developers for their apps to ensure a steady launch.

Gamers can now enjoy a new gaming hub within the Play Store: Premium (paid games) and New (latest and greatest games). You can expect to see these Play Store changes this Thursday.

Bottom line, Instant Apps are becoming more and more relevant for app stores, or at least Google’s. With Instant Apps, users can save phone storage, be encouraged to try new apps without the hassle of installing and uninstalling, and utilizing the cloud for Google’s audience. You can start using the “Try it now” button within the Play Store and enjoy these other updates this Thursday.

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Dil Bole Oberoi