Top 10 Strongest Animals in the Sea

Water Bodies present on Earth’s surface are the habitat for a diverse group of animals. Some of them are actually calm and they have nothing to do with humans while some of them can cause you to go to your deathbed. Focusing on the topic, we are to discuss about strongest animals in the sea not the deadliest ones of them. So, our list starts here with leopard seals.

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10: Leopard Seal:

Leopard seals which are scientifically known as “Hydrurga leptonyx” and are generally also named as “Sea Leopards”, can be recognized by their dark grey shaded back and light shaded stomach portion. Their habitat is cold water generally in Antarctic regions. Leopard seals’ attacks at humans are seldom but if a sea leopard attacks a human results can be very dangerous. A leopard seal caused death of a scientist named ” Kristy Brown” in 2003.

Leopard Seal Hydrurga leptonyx

9: Barracuda:

One of the strongest animals in the sea – Barracuda can really get you injured. Barracuda is actually a Genus including many species while one of them is scientifically known as “Sphyraena barracuda”. Barracuda is a natural sea predator and its food include medium sized or small fish but “Sphyraena barracuda” also known as Giant Barracuda can also attack humans and its teeth can really injure you.


8: Killer Whales:

One of the toothed whales, The killer whale also named as “Orca” or “Orca Whale” or “Black fish”. This Killer whale is placed 8th on our list of strongest animals in the sea is so strong that it can even attack on Great White Sharks and organisms larger than humans. Although Killer Whales aren’t recognized as deadly but with that amazing strength they can injure a person seriously. Attacks on humans are reported.

Killer Whales

7: Giant Octopus:

Giant Octopus are actually a term used for the organisms of the genus Enteroctopus. The largest member of this genus ” Enteroctopus dofleini” has the recorded length of 3.3 meters. Their food chains contains lobsters, clams and shrimps but they can hunt sharks too. The strength lies in the suckers and its head which is used to cut the flesh into pieces.

Giant Octopus

6: Great White Shark:

Placed 6th in “the strongest animals in the sea” list, is the Great White Shark also recognized as “white death”. The Bite Strength recorded is 669 Psi. This Bite power can not actually kill something bigger than the Great White Shark but when this strength is combined with the blade like teeth, results can be devastating. Human attacks actually have occurred but rarely fatal. Great White sharks have several rows of teeth which can be up to 300 teeth jagged in all these rows.

Great White Shark

5: Giant Squid:

Extremely large sized ( approx. 10 – 13 meters ), Giant squids’ bodies consist of a torso, eight arms and two longer tentacles. Giant Squids are only eaten by Sperm whales or sometimes by Pilot whales. Giant squids can also be called as the biggest invertebrates on earth. The dramatization is shown here about the encounter of a giant squid and sperm whale.

Giant Squid

4: Sperm Whale:

Scientifically known as ” Physeter macrocephalus “, sperm whales are the largest toothed whales in the world. Sperm whales can be 20 meters long and can weigh up to 57,000 kilograms. Sperm whales are predators and they eat giant squids which in fact made us to put them 4th here.

Sperm Whale

3: Bull Shark:

Bull Sharks, scientifically recognized as “Carcharhinus leucas”  are actually very aggressive. Bull Sharks are smaller than other sharks but they can bite stronger than the others. Bull sharks are one of the three sharks which are recorded to attack humans but still the attacks are rare. But if encountered their aggressive nature combined with teeth and bite force can lead to severe results.

Bull Shark

2: Blue Whale:

Blue Whales although placed 2nd here among the strongest animals in the sea yet they once reached the verge of extinction because of their extensive hunting by the whalers. Blue whale is the largest mammal present on earth. Blue whales can also produce very high frequency sound which if we were able to hear must have destroyed our ear drums.

Blue Whale

1: Saltwater Crocodile:

Saltwater crocodiles are placed 1st in out list of the strongest animals in the sea because of their enormous bite power. The bite power recorded for salt water crocodiles is 7700 psi which is the highest value recorded yet. Crocodiles actually have smaller jaw muscles but still they can provide this enormous strength. Bite powers of many organisms are still unknown among them Sperm Whales are also placed.

Saltwater Crocodile

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