Top 10 Most Deadliest Venomous Snakes

Snake encounters can be a very adventurous event or a worst nightmare too. All snakes aren’t dangerous but some of them are the most deadliest venomous creatures. Some snakes are more venomous which can cause paralysis or can lead to death. Some venom are responsible for Neuromuscular damage etc. Anyhow, following is the list of most deadliest snakes in the world.

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10: Hydrophis Belcheri

Since 1996 it is believed that these snakes are the most venomous snakes in the world but according to encyclopedia these snakes aren’t that much venomous as people believed they are. They are of timid nature and require very harsh treatment to provoke them to attack. Anyhow, We included them in our list just to make you clear about these snakes.

Hydrophis Belcheri

9: Indian Cobra

Indian Cobra can be the worlds most deadliest snake because it is responsible for the majority of deaths because of snake bites in Indian Subcontinent. It is also included in Big Four. Big Four is actually a group of snakes which are thought to be responsible for most of the deaths.

Indian Cobra

8: Vipers

The vipers – mainly causing death very slowly makes them a bit more dangerous. A bitten person can believe that the venom hasn’t effected much etc. Anyhow, death can occur in between two to four weeks. However, proper treatment can be done to avoid death.


7: Acanthophis Death Adder

Death Adders – many of us are supposed to know the tale of Cleopatra who tried to kill herself with the help of a Death Adder. Will cause death in as few as six yours by causing paralysis and of course respiration system failure. Death Adders are located in New Guinea & Australia. Death Adders even prey on other snakes.

Acanthophis Death Adder

6: Tiger Snake

A bite of a tiger snake can cause death in as much as 45 minutes. These snakes are also found in Australia. 70% of the bitten persons are recorded to be dead. Tiger snakes can be recognized by a characteristic strip or band pattern with alternative yellow and black bands. Tiger Snake’s venom can also lead to respiratory failure and paralysis which can eventually lead to death.

Tiger Snake

5: Black Mamba

Black Mamba is an Sub Saharan African Snake. Black Mambas are known for their very aggressive behavior. These Snakes can attack if get disturbed. One thing more important to note is that the mortality rate for the Black Mamba’s venom is 100% if anti-venom isn’t injected then the bitten person is surely dead.

Black Mamba

4: Blue Krait

Even though the bitten person has been administrated with the anti-venom we can not say certainly that he will survive. As 50% of the bites of this snake caused death of the bitten persons even after the immune system of those victims were aided by anti venom. The mortality rate before the invention of anti-venom was actually 85% which make them one of the most deadliest snakes in the world.

Blue Krait

3: Eastern Brown Snake

The habitat of these snakes is Australia. One ounce of the venom of eastern brown snake is enough to kill thousands of humans. Eastern Brown Snakes are mostly found in populated areas of Australia and can be very aggressive if they feel themselves in danger.

Eastern Brown Snake

2: Rattlesnake

Rattlesnakes – the snakes with the very characteristic tail which causes them to produce rattling sound to warn others etc. Habitat of rattle snakes is actually the whole America. A particular rattle snake known as eastern diamond back are thought to be the most dangerous and most deadliest of the rattle snakes. The mortality rate isn’t as much high but if the bitten person is left untreated, death is certain. Even though if treatment is done, permanent damage to organs can occur.


1: Inland Taipan

Inland Taipan – A snake which is not as much aggressive as other deadliest snakes are. Also that they aren’t found usually in populated areas. A human – Snake interaction is possible in the wild region and can be very dangerous. The venom of this snake from one bite can kill as much as 100 humans.

Inland Taipan

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