List of 90 Kinnow (Mandarin) Processors and Exporters of Pakistan

Citrus (Kinows) is a prized fruit of Pakistan and occupies 1st  position among all fruits both in terms of area and production. Citrus is one of the major fruits of Pakistan. It is grown on an area of 192.3 thousand hectares with a total production of 2458.4 thousand tones. The Punjab province contributes a major share of the total production and acreage of citrus fruit in Pakistan.

More than 95 per cent of citrus fruit is produced in Punjab and 70 per cent of it is under kinnow. In fact kinnow has monopolised the citrus farming in the country.

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Here are the Complete List of 90 Kinnow (Mandarin) Grower,Processor and Exporter of Pakistan

1. Sadruddin & Co

Sadruddin & Co was established in 1976 and starting export fresh fruits since 1989. Now a days it’s located at Bhalwal, District Sargodha,Pakistan and has Head office in Karachi, Pakistan. They are Prime grower, processors & exporters of Kinnow Mandarin and potato.

Sadruddin & Co built a reputation for integrity, honesty, quality and’s one of the most largest Company in Pakistan and they have their own Cold storage and packing houses. Each year they provided the top quality fresh fruits from Pakistan to an international standard.

2. JMB Exporter

JMB Exporter was established in 1970 with the name of Lalazar Enteprises with the passage of time Lalazar Converted into JMB Exporter and New Cold storage with the capacity of 2500 Metric Tons goods, Processing Unit, Packing Facility,  equipped with Latest high Technology were constructed and installed at its branch office at hujjan, Bhalwal District.

JMB is one of the leading Exporter of Pakistan They have a strong network of fresh fruit Farms, Processing Units, Storage, transportation and Export.

3. Mateela Citrus

Mateela Citrus Was established in 2002 with  complete set of latest equipments and technology. They have their own Cold storage and packing houses. Mateela is another largest Exporter company in Pakistan. At last the fruit is graded by a mechanical sizer who sorts it in to different sizes and then it is packed in high quality packing.

4. Zahid Kinnow

is one of the most famous Company located in 6 K.M. Kot Momin Road, Bhalwal Sargodha. The Company has grading, waxing plant.They have their own Cold storage and packing houses.

5. Iftekhar Ahmad & Co

ftekhar Ahmad & Co also Known as IAC is a reputed name to reckon with in the field of horticulture produce. They core line of business is to produce, process, store and sell fresh fruits and vegetables, processed fruit pulp / puree, paste, fruit concentrates and clarified juice concentrates, domestically as well as internationally and they have specialties in Mango and Kinnow (Mandarin) apart from a wide range of fruits and vegetables produced in Pakistan

Al-Mehmoood Kinow Factory
Khawar Saleem Citrus Factory
Al-Safdar & Co
Abdullah Enterprises
Alrafiq Enterprises
Fazal Elahi Kinnow Factory
Maqbool Elahi Kinnow Factory
M.D.S. Kino Factory
Naseeb Kino Factory
Malenaim Kino Factory
Two Star Kino Factory
Mela Kino Factory
Al Makkha Kino Factory
Abdul Hameed RanjhaKino Factory
M.K. Inter prises
Al Shaikh Inter National Kino Factory
Roshan Interprizes
Roshan Interprizes
National Kinoow Factory
Madina Kinnow factory
Fruti Fresh
Al Rahman
saqia kinow factory
Pak Kinnow
Bhalwal Kinnow factory
Qasid jaan
Al Makkaha
Salmi Kinnow factory
alkarm kinnow factory
Alfazal Kinnow factory
Al-Rafique Enterprises
Pak Citro
JMB Exporters
Sargodha Kinnow
Al- Hassan Kinnow
AL Qamar
Metro Impex
Chenab Kinnow
Noman Kinnow
Al khair Kinnow
Iqbal Kinnow
Bismillah Kinnow
Ali Hamza Kinnow
Al Nawab Kinnow
MS Kinnow
Al Ghosia Kinnow
Asia Citrus
Al Rehman Kinnow
Farhad Enterprises
Al-Rafique Enterprises
Arshad & Co. (HACCP/Global gap)
Al- Mahmood Enterprises
Habib Ur Rahman & Company
Roshan Brother’s
Chase International
President Kino Growers Association
Kamboh Citrus
Roy Citrus
Union Kinnow
Shehzad Mullinium
Altaf Rawana Citrus
Afzal Rawana Kinnow
Haral Kinnow
MDS Kinnow
Shangrilla Kinnow
Habib Sharif Fruit Trading
Prime Fruits Kinnow
Pakistan Citrus
Rex Kinnow
Al Noor Kinnow
Gujranwala Kinnow
Diamond Kinnow
Madni Kinnow
Subhan Kinnow
Aroma Kinnow
Al Shaukat Enterprise
Mtero Impex
Al Qudrat Kinnow

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