Top 10 Fascinating Facts about Argentina

Argentina is lucky to have a capital like Buenos Aires. Most of the people are not aware of this fourth biggest city in the world, but they can come to know after reading these amazing and fascinating facts about Argentina. This Country is like Golden, and I love it.

We have presented here 10 fascinating  facts about Argentina which proves that the country is really worth-visiting. The European has believed that Argentina was full of argent-um (silver), Yeah that is true.

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Let us watch out the list of these fascinating facts

10: Origin of Name :

The name Argentina is derived from a Latin Word “Argentum” that means Silver. The one out of 10 fascinating  facts about Argentina is that there exists a mountain made up of silver that is the main history behind its name. It has highest infidelity rate , the people are faithless, divorce is called to be legal for many past years. This creates a bad impression to people of other countries.

9: Celebration of Friend’s day :

Friendship is the long lasting relation between two people. It creates good blood between them. Different countries celebrates Mother’s day , father’s day or Cancer day etcetera. Argentina is quite fascinating when people gather around and arrange parties to amuse themselves. There is no public holiday on this day but a bit surprising. People exchange gifts among them selves because this day is wholly dedicated to friend-ships. The list of fascinating facts is not discontinued here, Scroll down to see more.

8: Tango Dance :

Argentina is well known for its Tango Dance which is performed by two people. During late 19th Century, Tango was discovered in the District of Buenos Aires (capital of Argentina). The two dancers make embracing movements that really makes it emotional. This Love dance was firstly performed by prostitutes of Aires who made the dance seductive and sexy. Thus the Tango dance is the fascinating for its viewers.

7: Discovery of Dinosaurs :

Argentina has been the residence of great and massive Dinosaurs. The multiple discoveries and wandering has made Argentina the owner of two huge discoveries of Giganotosaurus and Argentinosaurus. As dinosaurs are now extinct, but at that Giganto was supposed to one of the largest carnivorous animal that can roam the whole planet with no difficulties. If we talk about Argentinosaurs , then here is the description for that :

125 feet (38 m) in length and weighed 75,000 kg (160,000 lbs).

6: Demand for Beef :

Nearly all people love to eat beef to compensate their deficiency of proteins. Is is observed that Argentina’s beef is demanded all over the world. I don’t know what’s special is it. Its natural taste and quality makes it in high rank. A healthful diet has no preservatives so the meet is. Argentina is the biggest country producing vast quantities of beef every year. Average production is 3.5 to 4 million tons/year.

5: Spanish Speaking Country :

Argentina is a densely populated area that is supporting huge social life.The fascinating fact is that most of the native speakers talks in Spanish. Somehow it is discussed that Brazil is the area having more Spanish speakers. Actually, Brazilians consider Portuguese as their official language. Argentina was the result of a big revolutionary change of a war that was fought against Spain. So the people of Argentina has specified Spanish as their original language.

4: Finger-Printing :

Let us acknowledge ourselves with a piece of information and an amazing fact about Argentina. Finger printing is beneficial for man security purposes and thief detection.Let me tell you that Argentina was the first country which introduced us with this new feature of Finger printing in 1925. Thieves used to do crimes those days and local police was unable to capture them. So the community introduced finger printing that can help you in apprehending the right person with his bloody finger prints on the spot.

3: Cosmetic Surgery :

Cosmetic surgery is a low-cost procedure that turns you to a new idealized body.Cosmetic surgery is being very common in Argentina that 2 in 5o people love to have a surgery for themselves. ” Fashion model syndrome” is spreading there like hot cup cakes due to the women who want a new look to their body parts. Argentina is scoring well in the number of  psychiatrists per ca-pita in the world. Argentina had 145 psychologists per 100,000 residents so far.

2: Natural Beauty :

Argentina is well known for its Natural beauty. Waving boughs of plants and trees adds to its beauty. The earliest known plants were grown in Argentina. Liverworts were the earliest plants discovered in Argentina that are herbaceous. These have appeared 450 million years ago. There are vast landscapes that have temperature high to even more high. High water falls and and rain showers are some natural facts that are important to be discussed in 10 fascinating facts about Argentina. High day-night severe temperature ranges are also observed.

1: Radio Broad Casting :

People love to hear music and radio in their free time. Certainly students listen radio to pacify themselves in any deep emotions. By this point of view, Argentina is the first country that started radio broadcasting. On August 27, Argentina made its first transmission. At that people need to catch the electromagnetic waves to their receivers but Unfortunately, no more than 20-30 people have these receivers. Besides music Argentina has largest viewers of movies as well.

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