Top 10 Scary Facts about Ghosts

Obviously! Ghosts are scary and hopefully this post of ours will be too. Their are different beliefs about ghosts in different people. Some of us will say that there is no such thing like a ghost but some of us will suggest to stay away from some places or they will tell us that there are some sort of paranormal creature or happenings in this area, etc.

According to some of the most followed religions – Ghosts exist! And they are actual beings which in some religions are believed to be made of fire. Anyhow, around us mostly people think that ghosts are the souls which aren’t satisfied by their lives or want to have a revenge, etc etc. So ! Following are the scary facts about ghosts which you should take account on and keep in mind going to any haunted place. Also read our another post related to Most Haunted Places in England.

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10: They Really Exist?

Well as I mentioned earlier!  There are different ideologies but it is believed by many of us that they exist. Even in many religions it is believed that ghosts actually are there somewhere roaming around ! May be in the room next to yours or may be one of them is sitting beside you! Ghosts are also mentioned in some of the holy books. So! Ask yourself once! What if they actually exist!

9: Location?

Where do they live then? As you have seen in many movies if you watch horror movies, probably ghosts like to live on aged trees or some place where no one has gone since a while. Is there any place like this near you? Any abandoned home? or Two close trees which are really old and seem scary too? Have you heard any suspicious sound coming from that side?

8: Near You?

Have you ever felt shivered suddenly without any reason? Think for a moment! This can be a sign of presence of ghost or a ghost would have had just passed by you. Our senses can sometimes sense their activity. Maybe its our sixth sense which is trying to tell us that there is something wrong here.

7: Witches?

Beware of witches too! Witches are sometimes the female spirits who might have some revenge to take or might have died during a childbirth etc. Watch your back! Witches can be around you! There is a dusky smell associated with them. Try to notice if any such sort of smell is around you! If Yes! Possibly there’s a witch sitting beside you. They have a tendency to eat flesh – young flesh!

6: Bone Garlands!

Bone Garlands? Yeah I have seen them in many of the horror movies but from where do the director or the story writer took that idea? Hmm Ponder! It is believed that witched can be caught by a strict religious practitioner but it is suggested too that the practitioner should not try to do so as if that witch gets free later she will kill him and will wear the bone garlands made of his bones.

5: Identify a witch!

Aren’t these scary facts about ghosts enough? No? Okay! Here’s another one! Witches can be identified, according to many Asian Ideologies, by few of their distinctive body structures. According to these ideologies witches have a long thick dark tongue, her eyes do not blink, her feet are backwards, and if she had died during pregnancy – she can be seen with her infant.

4: Someone was Staring :

You might have noticed sometimes that our sixth sense somehow tells us when anyone is staring at us. Okay! You opened the door of your house, first thing you noticed that there wasn’t anyone in front of the door, second thing you did was ” You spontaneously looked at a window of a house where someone was standing and staring at you!” Why? Same is the case with Ghosts! It is believed that ghosts get power through evil staring! So if you feel that someone was staring you but there isn’t anybody present around you! It can be a ghost.

3: They Do not Sleep!

Ghosts don’t sleep. They can be in your room when you were sleeping. What if they could manipulate your dreams? Are the nightmares caused by them? No one knows! But fact is that they don’t sleep they can be all around you when you are in your bed having a sweet dream.

2: Notice them!

Ghosts actually want to get noticed ! So if there is a ghost around you! There will be signs of its presence too. Is there a pet beside you who is staring at air? A cat? It is believed that cats can see a ghost! So if your cat usually stare in directions where there is nothing! There actually can be something like a ghost.

1: Sight Interactions:

The scary facts about ghosts topic comes to an end with this last fact that sight interactions are required by witches. According to many Ideologies – There is going to be a sight interaction if there is a witch who wants to enter your body. So if you are walking alone and hear some suspicious sounds and a whisper of your name! Do not look back! Witches want this interaction to occur.

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